Schedule Change: Antioch (Pat Harland) Invite

Wednesday, October 2 2019

Due to current course conditions and potential weather patterns, the Antioch Invite time schedule has changed. Girls Varsity will now be at 9am. The remaining races will be a rolling schedule with each subsequent race starting as soon as possible. There has been a discussion of starting the Open (JV) Boys 5 min after the Open (JV) Girls, but no official change has been made. 

Girls Varsity (9am)

Boys Varsity (ASAP)

FS Girls (ASAP)

FS Boys (ASAP)

Open Girls (ASAP)

Open Boys (ASAP)

In addition, the condition of the path at the start of the last ½ mile along the river is in pretty bad shape and probably will not be getting any better this week.  The park superintendent has asked that we not run back there.  We will run in front of the trees at the start of the last ½ mile.  Then, coming off the hill going to the finish, the runners will veer left, instead of going straight, and run out onto the field until they finish 3 miles.